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Treece has been licensed in Massage Therapy for 19 years in St. Paul and working within her own private practice...  Treece's  very strong hands, a sensitivity to each patient’s needs, and a keen sense of touch and years of experience with many, many muscular issues, has procured for her high success and a thriving practice.

A Caring Touch​

Therapeutic Massage

Treece’s diverse clientele have included athletes, dancers, musicians,  waiters, working moms and weekend warriors, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, and IT professionals, and teens and young children.  She has worked with issues arising from auto-immune diseases, repetitive strains and accident injuries, along with conditions as Scoliosis, Hip Dysplasia, and Cerebral Palsy. Many clients have been seeing Treece long-term; building caring client-practitioner relationships.  

As an athlete from a  young age, Treece developed a strong sense of connection with her own body,  affording her an  intuition  that goes beyond her formal training and years in practice.   In addition, Treece's  expertise was expanded upon, due to  her own personal   experience with  2 major injuries which caused severe jamming in her spine and  broken bones in her leg.    She faced  the trauma  one goes through when losing normal functioning of the muscular body along with the frustrations in seeking help, trying to resolve it.   Through those difficult experiences and  their full recovery,  Treece developed an acute awareness of the body's phenomenal capacity to heal itself,   significantly building on her  knowledge  and  fueling her passion  to help others fully heal. 

Prior to her career as a Massage Therapist, Treece was  an Elementary Classroom Teacher and  Elementary Art Teacher for 8 years in San Antonio, Texas.  Although she will tell you she does miss teaching, both she and her nervous system do appreciate the luxury of focusing  on  just one person at a time. 

Treece earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas, in 1981 and became  credentialed in Elementary Education, in both the state of Texas and Minnesota in 1989 and 1997 respectively.  She was trained in massage at The Academy for Massage Therapy Training, in San Antonio Texas, and has been licensed  in St Paul since 1997.  She has also had additional  training  in Myo-fascial Release and Unwinding, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Postural Therapy, and Healing the Soul.  With her training and 19 years in practice along with her own personal experiences in life and in body recovery, Treece has been afforded an expert, well-informed and responsive approach to bodywork.

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