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Therapeutic Massage


We are alive in our bodies.  The body and mind are inextricably intertwined - a design that was essential for the survival of the human species.    Due to the "brain-centered" - fast paced  world we live in  today,  the mind and body  often become  disjointed and work against each other.  Massage facilitates their healthy re-connection.

The body’s  muscular structure is in a constant state of flux, where it is either in the process of fortification or collapse.     Working with clients on specific movements, stretches, healthful breathing, and lifestyle changes to  bring about lasting  strength and wellness to the muscular body and nervous system  is an important role of an effective therapist.

Bodywork is a key element for achieving optimal balance and well-being, where connections between the therapist ’s touch allows the patient to understand what  the soft tissues' symptoms are "saying" and if nervous triggers are contributing to pain and fear. Or in the reverse,  "symptoms"  that are  perceived as detrimental,  can actually be the body propelling itself  toward re-alignment and healing.  Periodic visits, with a trusted and skilled  therapist,  removes fear and reassures,   building on patient empowerment,  while keeping the body’s balance in check,  and out  from under the  surgeon's knife.. 


         Please see me before agreeing to any surgery!!


With intelligence, skill and sensitivity towards each client's needs and preferences, the intention of each session is to facilitate the healing of structural dysfunction, reduce stress and restore balance and well-being, all with the underlying goal of empowering each client to understand the messages from "within",  allowing them to utilize their own initiative outside of the session to bring wholeness to their body and mind, in all their dimensions.

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