Covid  Response           


​To all my valued clients and new clients:


​During this time of the Covid Pandemic,  I have been open through out due to my practice being qualified as a Critical Sector Workforce.   I sincerely  appreciate all of my clients continued confidence and support during this unusual time.  

Besides myself having had both shots of the Moderna Vaccine, and 2 boosters, the other  protective measures I have taken to keep myself and my clients healthy,  which have proven to be   successful thus far,  are:





       - An air cleansing machine is placed inside the massage room throughout the day


      -  spacing appts. with 30 minutes between, so clients do not cross paths and more time

         is allowed to thoroughly disinfect  common areas including  waiting area, office area,

         therapy room,  massage table, counters, door knobs, and restrooms.


      -  use of newly cleaned, protective  face mask for each session for myself and each



       - requiring all clients to wash hands after entering building prior to appt.


       - increased personal sanitation and hygiene procedures for myself which includes

         washing and disinfecting hands and arms before and after, and repeatedly during

         interactions with each client.​


       - conduct weekly testing of myself for virus


My risk of infection is low, now that I have received my vaccines  and the added booster, and most of my regular clients have also received their vaccine shots.   Also, I live alone, and have strictly limited my time outside the house.  


I encourage you to also take appropriate precautions and if you are feeling unwell or have been at risk of exposure please contact me to reschedule your appointment. 

I am  committed to doing everything I can to create a healthy environment and appreciate your diligence in helping to do the same.  



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