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Therapeutic Massage

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                         Massage  Protocol 


With soothing strokes, gentle kneading and pressure, Swedish massage promotes relaxation as it calms the nervous system. This long-established modality releases stress, increases circulation and enhances the immune system.

Injury Rehab

This technique eases muscles out of their tightened "trauma" state by gentle pressure graduating to deeper pressure until the muscles have regained blood flow into their core, which re-softens and re-lengthens the muscle. This massage is necessary as soon as possible after initial trauma, in order to balance the nervous system and to prevent   distorted memory from establishing.


Deep Tissue

This massage focuses on creating deep/sustained pressure going deep into the muscle to release all tension and stress. This facilitates healing of chronic pain conditions, by remolding and reshaping the tissues, renewing the body’s structural soundness.

Myo-fascial Release

Aimed at loosening the fascial grip, using sustained and gradual  depth of pressure to increase friction and melt thickened fascia, to erase destructive muscle memory and rebuild healthy muscle memory.


Pre-Post Surgery

If you pay attention to an injury or dysfunction early enough, bodywork can become an alternative to surgery by identifying more clearly the exact "causes" of the imbalances, using movement modifications and massage to  address them. 


When surgery is necessary, massage is very crucial pre-surgery.  It calms the nervous system and boosts blood flow allowing the tissues, to be at their healthiest, improving the body's ability to rebound from the trauma faster while, producing the best surgical results, . Massage post surgery, is crucial for regaining the nervous system's balance, by gently removing the trauma memory that is left in the muscle due to anesthesia's "freezing" effects, while also naturally re-infusing and maximizing blood flow through the effected tissues, greatly speeding up healing and recovery time.  

     Conditions Treated:

   Migraines/ tension headaches

   Chronic neck/back pain

   Injury Rehab - auto and worker's comp


   Foot pain

   Joint pain 

   Carpal Tunnel

   Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 

   Frozen Shoulder


   Fibromyalgia /MS/ CFS 




    Pre-/ post-surgery

    Pre-/post- natal

    Plantar Fasciitis


    Spinal Stenosis


    Anxiety / depression / PTSD