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Restorative Therapy at its Best

As a nurse practitioner and regular massage therapy client, I have never found anyone so talented in massage therapy and so in tune to what techniques are needed.  Treece is able to "read" one's body and where injury, tension, etc. are held....she is trained in rehab therapies and works to heal bodies. She is amazing at knowing where the mis-alignment, injury or held stress lies. She applies the amount of pressure appropriate but always says that it should not hurt and to let her know if it does. She is super responsive.....and I should know.....I go to her almost every week and have made it a part of my wellness journey.

- Donna 2012

Healing and Educational

I found Treece through doing a Google search for a massage in St Paul.  After reading her excellent reviews and liking her ideal location, I scheduled an appointment.  I've now been seeing her about 1 1/2 years. 


One of my favorite reasons I enjoy going to Treece is that she truly knows what she's talking about. I have learned so much from her about how to listen to my body and why I have certain aches and pains. In addition she has recommended exercises to help strengthen my weaker muscles. My body has responded well to the regular massages and I've relieved much of the tension I'd carried with me for some time. She has helped relieve tension that a chiropractor alone couldn't do. I truly look forward to my sessions with Treece.  I would highly recommend her to my friends and family looking for a therapeutic massage in a warm, relaxing environment.

- Rachel 2011

Caring and Knowledgable

After several years of searching for a massage therapist who could actually relieve my chronic neck and shoulder pain, I finally found Treece. She is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable practitioner who provides restorative massage treatment. Treece understands how the human body reacts to trauma and illness and how massage can best be used to counter the effects. This, combined with her years of experience, complete empathy for her clients, and ongoing quest to seek information and learn new techniques, enables Treece to consistently provide the most beneficial massage therapy I've experienced.

- Nancy - 2005

Finally Got Help  

I have had chronic pain and headaches for most of my life. I've been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other massage therapists. All gave me some relief, but it was only temporary. In the first massage I had with Treece, she was able to provide me with information about my muscles and body that no one had ever told me before. I did some research on the things she mentioned to me, and sure enough, all the symptoms fit. What I really love is that she recommended a program of exercise and walking that would help me to get long-term relief. Don't get me wrong - she gives some of the best healing massages I've ever had. But what I really appreciate is the advice to help me heal myself. I've been following this advice for about 6 months now, while getting monthly massages. My headaches have decreased in both frequency and intensity. Also, the chronic pain I've struggled with is mostly gone. My friends and family have commented to me how good I'm looking and that my skin is glowing. I am SO glad I found Treece! I would recommend her to anyone dealing with headaches or pain.

- Kristen 2015

 Miracle Worker

Treece is a miracle worker. I have suffered upper back and neck pain for as long as I can remember. Ten years ago I had surgery to relieve the pain to no avail. I went to Treece the first time about 4-months pregnant expecting a relaxing massage, but what I received was more of a treatment. I won't lie - the first appointment was painful. But once the tenderness subsided in a couple days, I noticed the pain I've grown accustomed to be noticeably less. I was sold!   After just 4 or 5 appointments with Treece, the pain that had plagued me my entire adult life was gone - which brings me to wonder why don't doctors "prescribe" massage therapy to treat chronic pain?   Armed with an innate sense of the body and its needs, Treece could change the world with her magic hands!

- K. Mann 2010

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