Although  headaches can be  triggered by nervous system affects, their core cause is always  excessive blood  deprivation within  the head.





        Injury Rehab

This massage is necessary in order to  soften and relengthen the traumatized tissue, which will ease pain and prevent any compensating distortions  from establishing



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Massage Therapy ​​​

​Treece Kampmeyer,

Licensed Massage Therapist, has been referred to by those who have experienced her work, as a  “Pain and Headache Specialist."

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are looking for pain relief and solutions in St Paul, you have come to the right place. Treece Kampmeyer, LMT,  has been referred by those who have experienced her work, as a  "Pain and Headache Specialist".  After 24 years and 20,000 hours in practice, the feel and response of the muscles speak volumes in determining all of the imbalances that are contributing to any particular pain syndrome.


Treece truly understands  and has learned first hand that it is impossible for anyone to know where their  body's breaking point is until it is reached.  Most people go full throttle through life, until suddenly the body stops us in our tracks,  with pain, catching  us off guard, leaving us feeling frightened and confused by the weakness we are suddenly faced with.    It is at that critical point in time, when skilled and knowledgeable intervention is essential for the patient to be, not just put back on track and relieved of pain naturally, without drugs,  but be given the knowledge to be  empowered  to understand their  body's  messages and needs going forward,  being free from fear,  and feeling more alive and confident in their body  for many years to come.   That is Treece's greatest passion and calling -  to give each sufferer the knowledge and power to be the "expert" of their own body,  having the reassurance of knowing the body's full capacity to heal itself, and confident in recognizing the steps needed to allow it to do so.


If you have been suffering with  pain or headaches, and are frustrated because you are not getting answers to its cause, Treece can give you that information after 1 massage treatment, along with the methods for its permanent eradication.


98% of all pain is muscular-skeletal in nature and blood flow related.  If you are suffering with undiagnosed muscular pain, or if you have any condition listed below, massage therapy is the most natural, and best first option for treatment.  


                                            Please see me before you agree to any surgery!

Restless Leg Syndrome 



Pre-/ post-surgery

Pre-/post- natal

Plantar fasciitis



Spinal Stenosis



A Caring Touch Massage is offering a 50% discount on a 1 hour massage for all Active and Veteran Military Members of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

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Migraines/ tension headaches

Chronic neck/back pain

Injury Rehab- Auto & Worker's Comp

Carpal tunnel

Foot pain

Joint pain

Numbing,tingling in hands 

Frozen shoulder


Fibromyalgia /MS/ CFS/Lupus ​

Functional Movement Disorder

Ankylosis Spondylitis


                                           Clients are Saying:

   ​                                                                                                                                 "This is the first time in 8 years I am headache free.  Both I and my husband thank you."       Rachel S.

"Treece can read your muscles like a map." Shadow G.

"If feels like you are reading my mind."  Katherine

"You  changed my life."  Sylvia

"You have strong hands and a kind heart."  Juli


​​​​​ Relaxing.....Healing......Caring




A Caring Touch​

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Pain Resolution

The human body is a structure and most all muscular pain is rooted in the body’s struggle to hold itself up.

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